Proskills Global welcomes The Fragrance Foundation UK

Proskills Global Limited are pleased to announce the arrival of a new training partner – The Fragrance Foundation UK.

The Fragrance Foundation UK is a not-for-profit educational organisation recognised as the global authority for the fragrance industry. Dedicated to enhancing the image of the fragrance sector and inspiring the world to discover the artistry of fragrance.  The Foundation provides a central source of educational information, as well as supporting new talent and driving growth and has over 200 member companies, including manufacturers, marketers, media, and retailers.

First founded in New York in 1949 by Chanel, Coty, Elizabeth Arden, Guerlain and Helena Rubinstein, and has affiliates in the United Kingdom, France and the United States. The Foundation serves the global fragrance industry, as well as the public at large, in providing a central source for educational and historical information on all aspects of fragrance and the sense of smell.

Working with Oxford Economics – one of the world’s foremost independent global advisory firms – The Fragrance Foundation UK Oxford Economics Report found the industry contributed £7.1 billion to the UK economy, nearly 127,000 jobs, and £2.1 billion in tax in 2018.

The Fragrance Foundation UK Online Training Programmes are designed to broaden knowledge of all aspects of perfumery, from the ingredient building blocks that create fine fragrance to how fragrance can be expertly sold in store. The courses focus on ways to educate and assist you and your customers – helping to discover ideal fragrances and additional products, and by doing so offering a true customer service experience.

All four online courses have been quality assured by Proskills Global Limited, ensuring training and assessment delivery meets the national standards.

Online Expert Training, Online Specialist Training, Online Honours Training, Online Refresher Training.

Accreditation delivers confidence to clients through regular robust quality assured audits and issues certificates which confirm and recognise this achievement.

Proskills Global’s Partner Accreditation Scheme provides professional recognition, which ensures a business or individual is certified as being able and/or competent to complete a job or task. This is achieved usually by passing an examination, the completion of a training programme or as being assessed as competent within the workplace.

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TEAM Inc partners with Proskills Global

TEAM Inc. Partners with Proskills Global

Proskills Global are very pleased to welcome on board another approved training partner, TEAM Inc.

Established in 1972, TEAM, Inc. began its journey with a clear vision: to offer top-tier specialized services for industries facing unique challenges. The founders understood that in sectors like oil and gas, petrochemicals, and manufacturing, ensuring the safety of personnel and assets was non-negotiable. Thus, TEAM, Inc. emerged as a pioneering force in the field of inspection, maintenance, and repair services.

With a diverse workforce comprised of seasoned professionals, certified inspectors, engineers and specialists, TEAM has set industry standards for expertise. Its focus on bringing global minds together to fuel innovative solutions has resulted in new technology, processes, and an overall level of excellence.

While TEAM, Inc. has a global presence, operating in numerous countries, it maintains a deep commitment to local expertise and community engagement. The company understands that each region and industry have its own unique needs and regulatory requirements. As such, it invests in building strong relationships with local communities, stakeholders, and authorities to ensure seamless and compliant operations.

TEAM have developed an intensive 3-day Train the Trainer course which is accredited with Proskills Global to ensure quality assurance and delivery methods are in conjunction with national standards.

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TFT Woodexperts Virtual Examination Success

TFT Woodexperts Successfully Deliver the Level 4 Certificate in Wood Science and Timber Technology Examination Via Virtual Session

Level 4 Certificate in Wood Science & Timber Technology Virtual Examination Success

Considering the Covid-19 situation, our long term and valued partner TFT Woodexperts developed a system which enables students to undertake their exams via a virtual platform. Candidates work remotely at their respective company’s premises linked into a zoom session, with an invigilator viewing constantly.

The first virtual examination was held in March 2021, with candidates from five different companies taking part across the full spectrum of the Timber Trade.

The Exam papers were delivered to each location by courier, signed for by a nominated company representative, who unsealed the exam paper in full view of the Woodexpert representative at the appointed time. At the end of the exam, the nominated company representative placed the completed papers in an envelope closed with a TFT seal in full view of a TFT Woodexpert representative, the papers were then couriered back to TFT Woodexperts for the Examiner to mark them.

On completion of marking, it was noted:

  • There was no significant difference between the remote and live-tutored students.
  • Two of the students scored the highest marks to date with a pass mark in excess of 90%.
  • One third of the successful candidates are women, which is quite significant considering that fewer than 20% women are employed in the Construction as a whole.
  • One student who passed the exam, English was not their first language.

The Level 4 Certificate in Wood science & Timber Technology course provides in-depth knowledge on Wood as a material and how it performs; as well as a detailed understanding of how and why wood is processed and graded, how the manufacture of wood-based panels influenced their properties and uses.

The course is intended for those in the wood industries who require a better understanding of Wood Science to enable them to solve problems related to specification and use; or to understand how to minimise the problems and wastage that often occur when timber and wood-based products are used inappropriately.

It is ideal for management trainees, middle and senior managers and anyone with a more senior role in ordering, specifying or designing in timber. Successful candidates will be eligible for Membership of the IOM 3 at “Technician level (TIMMM).

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JRC Knowledge Associates partners with Proskills Global

JRC Knowledge Associates Partners with Proskills Global

Proskills Global are very pleased to welcome on board our latest approved training partner, JRC Knowledge Associates Ltd.

JRC Knowledge Associates are a motivated and skilled workforce that can vastly enhance your success rate in the adoption of new technologies and methods; vital when research shows that 61% of organizations experience at least three major changes every year. The diverse and international consultants of JRC Knowledge Associates help leaders focus the talents of their employees through improved efficiency in processes and targeted training – knowing means growing.

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ADW Safety Cloud joins Proskills Global

ADW Safety Cloud joins Proskills Global

Proskills Global are very pleased to welcome on board our latest approved training partner, ADW Safety Cloud.

ADW Safety Cloud delivers the proven benefits of a Health and Safety program to small businesses who may have been taking risks with big financial and staff implications due to the cost of compliance. By developing a secure online document storage method, the benefits far outweigh the costs and the business case for investment is both realistic and affordable.

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Two New Training Partners

Two New Training Partners 

Proskills Global are very happy to announce two new partnerships this month, we would like to welcome Litecast Homefloors and Pathways Training- NPTC to our prestigious group of training partners.

Litecast Homefloors Proskills Global Partner

Litecast Homefloors Limited

One of the market leaders within the concrete flooring industry who will be delivering the training for in-house Prestressing of Precast Concrete. Proskills Global will administer and issue certificates and cards as part of the CTA scheme.

Pathways Training –  NPTC Group of Colleges

Pathways Training is the work-based learning department of NPTC Group of Colleges, and is one of eight training providers that form Skills Academy Wales. They work with partner organisations to provide a broad range of industry-recognised qualifications across Mid and South-West Wales. They are delivering Manual Handling training for the Fire Service and other various industries. Proskills Global will provide accredited certification service and issue Bi-Lingual certificates at no extra cost.

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Proskills Global Presents Certificates in Construction Product Sales to Howitt Consulting 

Proskills Global Presents Certificates in Construction Product Sales to Howitt Consulting 

Proskills Global recently attended the certification presentation for the delegates who successfully completed the Howitt Consulting / Proskills Global Certificate in Construction Product Sales course. The event took place on Thursday the 19th of October 2017 at Leicester racecourse.

There were 12 successful delegates of two cohorts, receiving the certification, from a wide range of construction products companies (Kingspan, Spirotech, Aco, Jaga, Knauf, Hambleside Danelaw and Armstrong Ceilings) all of which had placed a huge amount of effort into the qualification and had all earned a worthy distinction.

The ceremony began with a session on the benefits of participation in the course for the delegates. It was very impressive to hear from the company managers and directors present how much progress individuals had made in their competence, efficiency and profitability by putting in all the hard work.

Whilst working with Howitt Consulting on developing the certificate materials and addressing the competencies needed (over 300 of them), the primary aim right from the start was to be sure that any person enrolling on the course would have to put a lot of hard work in to complete it. The delegates we spoke to at the presentation ceremony said “they knew that it was all worthwhile as they could definitely see the benefits after completing the course and used the learning in their day to day work.”

It is great to witness such enthusiasm over the practicality of the course content.

Well done to all the learners for such dedication and great achievements and congratulations to all at Howitt Consulting too for their continued commitment and dedication to high quality delivery.

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Proskills Global Limited Presents Certificates of Competence at Howitt Consulting Limited

Proskills Global Limited Presents Certificates of Competence at Howitt Consulting Limited

On 22nd of September 2016, on behalf of Proskills Global Limited, Andy Rotherham attended a presentation at Howitt Consulting Ltd. The presentation was in honour of this year’s successful students that have undertaken the Proskills Global accredited course: Certificate in Construction Products Sales.

The successful students all achieved a distinction and deserve great credit for all their hard work, the students are:

  • Presentation 1      Jamie McQueen, Pipekit
  • Presentation 2      Kate Antill, Ecotherm Insulation
  • Presentation 3      Liz Hart, ACO Water Management
  • Presentation 4      Aaron Sharp, Knauf Insulation

The Certificate in Construction Product Sales course runs over a twelve-month period and has been put together between many industry employers including Polypipe, Kingspan, Knauf and Marley Eternit to name a few and seeks to professionalise the sales staff for this sector. The course is very demanding and includes:

  • 34 subject areas
  • 121 learning logs
  • 124 learning outcomes
  • 210 learning hours
  • 27 hours of management coaching
  • 22 knowledge skills application tests
  • 6 workshops
  • 1 ten-minute presentation!

For further details:

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