Quality Assurance & Accreditation

Ensure your training and assessment delivery meets national standards


If your clients need to know that the training and assessment that you deliver meets national standards or if you are seeking to demonstrate that your training delivery is of a robust standard, then our Partner Accreditation is for you.

Why be Quality Assured?

  • Your clients are reassured that what you deliver is to a high standard

  • It separates you from your competitors giving you commercial advantage

  • Supports your ambition to be the best in what you do

  • Enables external recognition for your high quality delivery

  • You are part of a wider network of training providers and have the opportunity to collaborate with the best partners to extend your reach

Quality assurance, professional recognition:

Our Accreditation is external recognition that a business or individual is competent to perform training and assessment processes, activities, in a consistent, credible and precise manner.

Your staff must be highly professional competent trainers, assessors and technical experts who are occupationally competent, reliable and ethical – and they must be using the latest relevant learning techniques with industry based materials to deliver high impact training to your clients.

Accreditation delivers confidence to your clients through regular robust quality assured audits and issues certificates and licenses which confirm and recognise this achievement.

Proskills Global’s Partner Accreditation Scheme provides professional recognition, which ensures a business or individual is certified as being able and/or competent to complete a job or task. This is achieved usually by passing an examination, the completion of a training programme or as being assessed as competent within the workplace.

Certification can differ within a profession by the level or specific area of expertise to which they refer.

One of the greatest risks of delivering training which isn’t quality-assured is customer displeasure or it being seen as low quality. Customers who are dissatisfied with your training could result in you losing them and their business for good.

Proskills Global’s quality assured accreditation scheme does not only assess your training style and processes, but it can also map your training content to current national occupational standards and regulatory requirements. These can be complex and easy to miss, resulting in training that does not include all of the standards that your customers would need or expect. If you are not meeting statutory requirements, then your customers may not be meeting their legal requirements.

It is recommended that although certification does not expire, the competence and experience that it stands for can quickly go out of date and therefore become irrelevant.

We recommend that regular refresher training/assessment of competence, or continuous professional development (CPD) is undertaken to ensure that you and your staff are still complying with industry, legal or regulatory standards.

Our award winning certification services include administration, embossing and excellence in customer service. All data is safe guarded in line with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance.

We offer the following professional recognition:

  • Certificate of Competence

    Take your staff skills to the next level with practical and written assessment of their skills and proving their capability at the end of the course. Our certificate of competence will confirm and be evidence of staff meeting high quality workplace standards.

  • Competence Card

    Alongside a certificate of competence your staff could also receive a competence card which they can carry on site at all times. This card lists all training achievements, including expiry dates, as well as the company name, their name and photo.

  • Certificate of Training

    Upon completing and passing a written assessment of nationally mapped test questions, your staff will receive embossed certificates confirming their participation and completion of training. Certification of training does not designate that a person is competent only that they have participated in a training course or programme and have passed a knowledge test.

Make it happen in 5:

Our accreditation process is robust and yet really easy to follow in 5 easy steps:

Proskills Global review your application form and provide you with feedback before you enter the full audit process so that you are best prepared
You then have the chance to amend your application if necessary and re-submit it
You then submit your full application to us to trigger the full quality assurance process
We carry out our robust review and audit to make sure that your training meets the mark
We give you a prompt decision on whether you have achieved accreditation or not

Download more information on our partnership opportunities and training schemes:

“Tetris Training Ltd has been utilising the services of Proskills over the past year and has found the service a very high quality, not only with the support of Andy and Claire but the accreditation that we can offer to our clients means that Tetris has expanded rapidly, which in my opinion would not have been the case without this accreditation. Lastly the adaptability of Proskills Global means that we can meet our clients’ needs in terms of certification without the heavy price tag”

“The Proskills Global accreditation is the USP of our e-Learning – and one of which we are very proud!”

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