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Claire is the Managing Director for Proskills Global Limited. She is delivering an outstanding range of nationally recognised professional recognition such as training and competence certification, licencing services and quality assurance for a wide variety of industries, both in the UK and overseas.
She started her role at Proskills Global in June 2016 and has developed a specialist team, which includes experienced consulting experts who have proven impact and achievements over many years.
Claire’s extensive business expertise has been developed in the workplace which has provided her with a wide variety of skills developed over 30+ years. She has 8 years of management experience, four of these years at senior management level. 
Claire has successfully undertaken various roles in Finance, HR, IT Procurement and Training departments, supporting a wide variety of industries. She has worked on numerous successful projects, including the implementation and management of National Apprenticeship databases, CRM systems, Instructor and various other training databases to improve and streamline systems. She has worked with employers, students, training providers, colleges universities, governments and their agencies and various Awarding Organisations.
Previously, Claire worked for Proskills UK Group (National Skills Academy MPS) for 11 years and managed the Head Office, Customer Service & Marketing team and supported a variety of international clients across the globe with her varied knowledge of collaborative working. Her global role involved administration provision and support for Inbound and outbound skills visits and co-ordinated the logistics for all UK Study Tours for a number of years. The Proskills UK team scooped the British Council’s International Skills Partnership of the Year Award two years running.
Claire has been awarded several outstanding achievement and extra mile awards for her work and commitment during her career.


Andy first moved into training roles because of his concern for the quality of the content and delivery of training for the people he worked with. People are at the centre of his focus when it comes to training, competence and ongoing learning. With Proskills Global he has helped to put the systems in place to help to monitor and improve the quality of the delivery and content of the training so that the Delegates, Trainers and Clients can all be sure of the most effective, up to date and practical training experience Andy says At the end of the day, enthusing and involving people by showing them how their contributions can help drive and improve their workplace and surroundings, can lead to a positive outcome for everyone.
Andy is an experienced strategic consultant and trainer who has carried out extensive projects in careers programmes, apprenticeships, industrial labour market research, vocational skills training and employer-led people development across a wide range of industries. He is also a qualified Assessor, Auditor, IQA and EQA with over 20 years of experience in assessment, quality assurance, careers guidance, skills training and development in industrial settings.


Ian has over 10 years’ experience at senior board level as Manufacturing Director for an International building materials manufacturer specialising in Aerated and Precast Concrete products.  Distinguished by his unrelenting focus on quality and efficiency Ian combined this with a genuine concern and commitment for all who worked for him.  With over 35 years’ experience in Manufacturing, Distribution, Health and Safety, Project Management and negotiations with Unions and Suppliers at all levels, Ian is an enthusiastic communicator and strategic thinker with both financial and analytical skills.
Since retiring Ian has used his experience to mentor business graduates from Wolverhampton University as part of a programme with the Institute …
… of Directors and carried out several projects in Vietnam with Proskills Global looking at improvements in AAC for both individual companies and a UN project to reduce GHG emissions by improving the uptake of AAC.


Debbie Watts has been working globally within the skills development sector for 20 years as a senior project manager and expert researcher. She has developed an in-depth knowledge of skills development processes, sectoral approaches, as well as a strong track record of successful delivery in project management, employer engagement, research and evaluation.
Most recently Debbie has been working with the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Vietnam’s Ministry of Labour and the Vietnamese Textile and Garment industry to establish a vocational training model, using British expertise, to support the industry in developing a better trained workforce, improving productivity and business competitiveness.
Debbie has a particular flare for communicating with and getting the best from a variety of stakeholders through the consultation process, building trusting strategic relationships to get the most positive and relevant outcomes.


Hettie is a creative specialist with over four year’s experience in design, communications and marketing, and is now working for Proskills Global providing professional services for graphic design, brand development, creative assistance and website development.
Hettie started her career in 2013 as an apprentice; working closely with senior designers, website developers and digital marketers where she gained a wide range of experience working for clients, delivering on-and-offline creative solutions.
Following her apprenticeship, Hettie joined Proskills UK Group, marketing and communicating its charitable work; encouraging and supporting young people to take up apprenticeships themselves …
… in the UK’s design, process and manufacturing industries. This role incorporated a variety of responsibilities from managing and maintaining all key marketing channels to organising awards ceremonies for schools.
Hettie later went on to work in Zurich, Switzerland as Graphic Design Specialist for and intellectual property management company, where her blend of expertise helped her to assist in an exciting period of commercialisation.


Lisa is an experienced Responsible Officer and Quality and Operations Senior Manager with five years’ experience working with regulated awarding organisations.  Lisa has a proven track record of success in ensuring continuous compliance with regulatory requirements, managing governance and ensuring quality.  Key achievements include setting up an awarding organisation and end-point assessment organisation including accreditation from Ofqual and ESFA, developing and setting up all relevant systems and procedures including Governing Board
Lisa is highly experienced education development manager with over 20 years’ experience in developing and delivering apprenticeship standards, vocational qualifications and national occupational standards projects successfully.

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