Accredited Partner Scheme

Supporting developing and established training and certification schemes


Proskills Global works with Approved Partners, offering Quality Assurance (QA) and Professional Recognition in a wide range of areas.


Proskills Global’s accreditation service supports developing and established training and certification schemes. Our diligent quality assurance procedures significantly help to prevent errors and avoid problems that could arise in service delivery.


Our quality assured training partners and employer-providers offer high quality training services and competence to perform training processes in a reliable dependable and accurate manner.

Proudly working with accredited partners in the following areas:

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Proskills Global accredited partners:

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EKC Systems Ltd

EKC Systems Ltd is a specialist supplier to the Prestressed / Precast Concrete Industry. Our knowledge and experience in the industry dates back five decades ...


F B Taylor (Cable Contractors) Ltd

F B Taylor (Cable Contractors) Ltd are able to undertake turnkey solutions for single day projects through to the very largest cabling contracts in the UK. Their current record for a single week stands at 200,000 metres; that’s about 125 miles, which is the distance from our headquarters in Ripon to Edinburgh! .


JRC Knowledge Associates Ltd

A motivated and skilled workforce vastly enhances your success rate in the adoption of new technologies and methods; vital when research shows that 61% of organizations experience at least three major changes every year. The diverse and international consultants of JRC Knowledge Associates help leaders focus the talents of their employees through improved efficiency in processes and targeted training – knowing means growing.


Litecast Homefloors

Litecast, first established in 1998 by equal shareholders, John Leroux, George Pickard, Michael Collison and Kevin Hall, is a Midland based precast concrete company that..


Merlin Supply Chain Solutions

Merlin Supply Chain Solution delivers a range of products, including Strategic Operational Programme Management. Training and Development Programmes and Staff Recruitment and Selection ...


Stress-Tec (UK) Limited

Stress-Tec have over 35 years’ experience in the prestressed and precast concrete industry. Their staff offer a comprehensive range of tailored services to support prestressing training and the calibration of equipment


TFT Woodexperts Limited

TFT Woodexperts provide technical advice, consultancy, site investigation and expert witness services to the timber and construction industries and legal sector ...

If partners do not appear here, they are no longer accredited and quality assured through Proskills Global.

Any training documents or certificates issued bearing our branding from partners not listed will be null and void.