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The Proskills Global Certificate of Training Achievement (CTA) scheme helps Precast companies meet legislative requirements, while helping to improve their employer safety in the workplace.

Stress-Tec (UK) Limited, based in Keighley provides national cover for all your Calibration & Training needs. With over 35 years’ experience in the prestressed and precast concrete industry, our staff offer a comprehensive range of tailored services to support prestressing training and the calibration of equipment. We are proud of our history and achievements, and because of our structure, we have the flexibility to respond quickly to customer requirement.


Effective training is a necessity that helps your staff develop new skills, master new procedures and reinforce existing protocols.

Whether you need to update your skills, train new recruits, learn to use a specific machine, we can help.

Stress-Tec places great importance on training your personnel involved in the manufacturing process in order to promote safety, efficiency and best practice.

CALIBRATION: We have the ability to calibrate an extensive range of single tendon stressing equipment, beam testers and cube crushers.

For the stressing jacks we have a maximum capacity of 18mm Strand with a loading of 240kN and for beam tester, the same loading capacity applies.

For cube crushers the maximum capacity is up to 2000kN with the proviso that there is a minimum of 200mm air gap between the platens.

To ensure the correct loading is applied within all your prestressed products, equipment needs to be calibrated on a regular basis. All our calibrations are traceable to the National Physical Laboratory and complies to ISO:9001.

STRESSING EQUIPMENT & ACCESSORIES: We are able to source a vast range of prestressing equipment including grips, Jack & pump sets & lifting accessories. Please contact us with your requirements.

Accredited courses

Prestressing of Precast Concrete

Our quality assured training partners and employer-providers offer high quality training services and competence to perform training processes in a reliable dependable and accurate manner.