TEAM Inc partners with Proskills Global

TEAM Inc. Partners with Proskills Global

Proskills Global are very pleased to welcome on board another approved training partner, TEAM Inc.

Established in 1972, TEAM, Inc. began its journey with a clear vision: to offer top-tier specialized services for industries facing unique challenges. The founders understood that in sectors like oil and gas, petrochemicals, and manufacturing, ensuring the safety of personnel and assets was non-negotiable. Thus, TEAM, Inc. emerged as a pioneering force in the field of inspection, maintenance, and repair services.

With a diverse workforce comprised of seasoned professionals, certified inspectors, engineers and specialists, TEAM has set industry standards for expertise. Its focus on bringing global minds together to fuel innovative solutions has resulted in new technology, processes, and an overall level of excellence.

While TEAM, Inc. has a global presence, operating in numerous countries, it maintains a deep commitment to local expertise and community engagement. The company understands that each region and industry have its own unique needs and regulatory requirements. As such, it invests in building strong relationships with local communities, stakeholders, and authorities to ensure seamless and compliant operations.

TEAM have developed an intensive 3-day Train the Trainer course which is accredited with Proskills Global to ensure quality assurance and delivery methods are in conjunction with national standards.