Proskills Global Limited are pleased to announce the arrival of a new training partner – The Fragrance Foundation UK.

The Fragrance Foundation UK is a not-for-profit educational organisation recognised as the global authority for the fragrance industry. Dedicated to enhancing the image of the fragrance sector and inspiring the world to discover the artistry of fragrance.  The Foundation provides a central source of educational information, as well as supporting new talent and driving growth and has over 200 member companies, including manufacturers, marketers, media, and retailers.

First founded in New York in 1949 by Chanel, Coty, Elizabeth Arden, Guerlain and Helena Rubinstein, and has affiliates in the United Kingdom, France and the United States. The Foundation serves the global fragrance industry, as well as the public at large, in providing a central source for educational and historical information on all aspects of fragrance and the sense of smell.

Working with Oxford Economics – one of the world’s foremost independent global advisory firms – The Fragrance Foundation UK Oxford Economics Report found the industry contributed £7.1 billion to the UK economy, nearly 127,000 jobs, and £2.1 billion in tax in 2018.

The Fragrance Foundation UK Online Training Programmes are designed to broaden knowledge of all aspects of perfumery, from the ingredient building blocks that create fine fragrance to how fragrance can be expertly sold in store. The courses focus on ways to educate and assist you and your customers – helping to discover ideal fragrances and additional products, and by doing so offering a true customer service experience.

All four online courses have been quality assured by Proskills Global Limited, ensuring training and assessment delivery meets the national standards.

Online Expert Training, Online Specialist Training, Online Honours Training, Online Refresher Training.

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