Proskills Global Presents Certificates in Construction Product Sales to Howitt Consulting 

Proskills Global recently attended the certification presentation for the delegates who successfully completed the Howitt Consulting / Proskills Global Certificate in Construction Product Sales course. The event took place on Thursday the 19th of October 2017 at Leicester racecourse.

There were 12 successful delegates of two cohorts, receiving the certification, from a wide range of construction products companies (Kingspan, Spirotech, Aco, Jaga, Knauf, Hambleside Danelaw and Armstrong Ceilings) all of which had placed a huge amount of effort into the qualification and had all earned a worthy distinction.

The ceremony began with a session on the benefits of participation in the course for the delegates. It was very impressive to hear from the company managers and directors present how much progress individuals had made in their competence, efficiency and profitability by putting in all the hard work.

Whilst working with Howitt Consulting on developing the certificate materials and addressing the competencies needed (over 300 of them), the primary aim right from the start was to be sure that any person enrolling on the course would have to put a lot of hard work in to complete it. The delegates we spoke to at the presentation ceremony said “they knew that it was all worthwhile as they could definitely see the benefits after completing the course and used the learning in their day to day work.”

It is great to witness such enthusiasm over the practicality of the course content.

Well done to all the learners for such dedication and great achievements and congratulations to all at Howitt Consulting too for their continued commitment and dedication to high quality delivery.