Evaluating the Prestressing training course

As part of the British Precast update of the Approved Codes of Practice (ACOP) for the Prestressing of Concrete, Proskills Global Limited is working in conjunction with the review committee to evaluate the Prestressing of Precast Concrete training course and its delivery. This will bring the course in line with the latest changes in the industry.

More and more manufacturers are interested in becoming Approved Partners with Proskills Global Limited, as this enables them to deliver training to their own workforce. There is also an increased interest in competence monitoring for operators. Such courses as Train the Trainer and Train the Assessor are being considered and discussed by the committee, this would ensure that the monitoring is being carried out in a robust manner, along with revisions to the Managers module to include more content.

This overhaul will lead to a revised programme with updated content and delivery. Proskills Global Limited are thrilled to introduce this new model to the industry as this should increase competence and thereby safety and productivity.