Prestressing of Precast Concrete

The National Certification of Training Achievement (CTA) Scheme administered by us

The Scheme for the Certification of Training Achievement (CTA) covers all operational staff including:

  • Management/Supervisors

  • Maintenance Personnel

  • Bed and Stressing Operatives

  • Site personnel involved specifically with the Prestressing of Precast Concrete

This scheme was originally developed by The Building Products Training Council (BPTC) in 2003 in conjunction with Tarmac, Hanson, Bison, EKC Systems and Spiroll Precast Services, which in 2005 transferred to Proskills.

The CTA scheme operates nationally and will soon operate internationally. It provides a record of personnel accredited with the CTA and has been designed by the industry in conjunction with Proskills Global who administers the scheme. The scheme will be monitored and reviewed and Proskills Global will make any necessary amendments and changes to ensure the scheme remains fit for purpose.

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Details of the scheme:

With our experience we are able to help Prestressing companies in the concrete industry fulfil their duties by providing Prestressing Safety Awareness courses structured to individual company requirements. We have developed this over several years in conjunction with EKC Systems and Spiroll Precast Services.

Training is an important element in ensuring the competence of employees, and the Health and Safety Executive sees this scheme as a significant step in contributing to accident reduction in the Prestressing industry.

The scheme illustrates and supports a commitment to safety standards and the recognition of training achievements, and Proskills Global looks to its success to help promote these ideals across industry as a whole. Essentially this means that all personnel involved specifically with the Prestressing of Precast Concrete who can satisfactorily demonstrate the necessary skills, knowledge and competence levels required against the relevant modules will be issued with a CTA that will be recorded upon a national register. Employers, the Health and Safety Executive and other interested bodies and organisations will be able to make enquiries to validate individuals CTA achievements.

The competencies recognised by way of the CTA are intended to compliment any National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) and Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs) that emerge.

The CTA Scheme is voluntary and is not required by law for employment purposes. However, some companies state in their company policy that only those holding an appropriate CTA card shall be employed on site in respect of the specific operations identified. We encourage all companies in the industries served by Proskills Global to use the scheme.

Onsite training of operatives in the use of stressing equipment is tailored to suit the equipment, facilities and stressing procedures of the individual site. This will ensure that they can operate the equipment safely, minimising risks and preventing accidents. EKC and Spiroll are recognised training specialists approved and accredited by Proskills Global.

The scheme enables the employer to meet their responsibility with respect to instruction and training, which will result in a safer working environment.

The scheme covers the modules listed:

  • PS1 Basic Awareness H&S

  • PS2 Maintenance of Stressing Equipment

  • PS3 Receipt and Handling, Storage, Inspection and placing for Production

  • PS4 Bed Operative Procedure

  • PS5 Stressing Operative Procedures

  • PS6 Management Overview of Site Safety during Stressing Operations

Certification can be provided on any combination of the above modules with PS1 being required for every training session. We recommend that group size be a maximum of 8 so as not to disrupt production.

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